Genre Diving II: Aboriginal Pancake Spouge


Well, well, well. Look who it is. It’s me. The guy who wrote the first one of these things. I’m sorry for the brief hiatus, it’s just that I was graduating college and getting my higher learning on ( is a new spin off website I’m launching by the way). You couldn’t have missed me THAT much though, I mean it’s only been…oh Jesus, 3 months. Ah, yeah, I messed up. Anyways, come with me and we’ll dive into weird music, washing away all the doubt that you may have had that I went out for a pack of e-cigs and never came back. A future robo-deadbeat Dad…good lord I’ve become my father.
These three genre’s are things I’ve never heard of before, and thus am listening to for the first time. I’ll make a half-hearted attempt to like them, but will probably just make fun of them. Because I am too quirky for this Earth. #blessed.


Draytons Two - Raw Spouge
First of all, change the name of the genre. I’m sure it has a long rich history that is muddied up with beautiful traditions and seasoned artists that have built it up for the past 4 decades, but come on. It’s 2014 and if I’m pronouncing it in my head right (which I’m probably not) it makes me think of one thing. Even if you don’t change the name, for the love of God stop making mixes of it with titles such as Vintage Spouge. I can’t make this up.
The music is pretty good I guess. It reminds me of Mungo Jerry a little bit, very “summer time when the weather is hot” type of vibes. That said, there’s also a weird churchy feeling to the songs. It makes me feel like I’m at a wedding ceremony overseen by the Baha Men’s grandparents.

Favorite Track: Too Late – The Draytons Two


Aboriginal Rock

Have you ever wondered what the 80’s would’ve sounded like if people adopted didgeridoos into their music instead of synthesizers? I really can’t tell if I like this or not. It’s really simple rock music, there’s guitar solos and stuff. It’s as if Bob Marley learned how to shred on the didgeridoo, which I’m impressed enough by that it transcends any parts of it that seem simple. Also, Paul Simon might’ve snuck into the recording studio a few times and played pranks on the artists by adding in sneaky riffs. He’s a friggin trouble maker that Paul Simon. When will he settle down…

Favorite Track: Treaty – Yothu Yindi

Hong Kong English Pop

Good name guys, really rolls off the tongue, that is if you want to look like a tool while telling someone what your favorite music is.
“Hey man, what’re you listening to?”
“Oh it’s this new hit by a Hong Kong English Pop band, wanna listen?”
“Nah, that’s okay. Let’s not be friends anymore.”
I might be acting a little cynical here, but I sincerely hate saying names that are more than two words. Let’s rename this genre, shall we? How about…HoKoEngPo! No. Never mind. That was bad.
Bad name aside, this shit is fucking adorable. They aren’t speaking in English though…so maybe I messed up. But the song I found is too cute to not review instead. Get fucked HoKoEngPo, the Pancakes have taken over your genre for the rest of time. In my mind anyways.

Favorite Track: the pancakes《還錢還錢還錢》(good luck with that)

That concludes the second installment. As always, maybe you found something you love. I certainly did not, but I do want some pancakes now.


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